Apothecary & Incense Workshop

Herbal Apothecary​

Stocked with hundreds of herbs in both crude and tincture form, our apothecary features plant materials carefully sourced and organically grown, sustainably wildcrafted and/or tested pesticide/insecticide-free. We use high-grade organic alcohol for our tinctures, which are made with care, by hand, in small batches.

Formulations are customized based on the often-complex needs of clients, to meet needs ranging from physical to psycho-spiritual. Most are available by consultation only.

Incense & Perfume

​Aromatics are an essential element of countless healing traditions. Incense helps cleanse and consecrate space and can make us more receptive to the subtle realms. It also smells divine! We make high-grade, artisan incense from resins, woods, roots and spices; and perfume from pure extracts and essential oils. No synthetics, ever. If you’re used to getting headaches from incense and perfume, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good natural incense can make you feel.

If interested in pre-made or custom incense or perfume, email info@heartwardsanctuary.org.

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