Healing Sessions Overview

Dharma ārtha kāma mokshānām ārogyam mulam uttamam.
“Good health is the surest foundation for all the aims of life: dharma, artha kama and moksha.”
-Cāraka Samhita

Sanctuary co-founders Julia Hartsell & Jonathan Edwards provide a range of healing arts services under Heartward’s auspices.

From Divination and Ancestral Healing to Transition Companion Services, we seek to support people towards greater health, meaningful lives and–when the time comes–sacred deaths.

Sessions take place at our beautiful location in Silk Hope/Siler City, NC; for those not in the area, virtual sessions are available as well.

All sessions including Ancestral Lineage Healing, Divination, Mentoring, Transition Companino, and Ancestral Healing trainee supervision can also be booked via the button below.

Please note that Jonathan’s East Asian Medicine work (acupuncture and herbal medicine) is now being offered at The Wellness Alliance in Carrboro, NC, but can be booked via the same scheduler.

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