Musical Journeys

Enjoy these musical journeys crafted by Julia Hartsell for your dance, healing, meditation or transitional needs.

Mothers & Choice-to-be-a-Mother Dance Set

Sunday Dance at Heartward Sanctuary ~ 2022/05/08 – 90 minute dance wave

Building a Sanctuary

Sunday Dance at Heartward Sanctuary – 2022/03/13 – 90 minute dance wave


Woven for our community’s return to The Flowjo after over one year of pandemic closure. Before getting there, Julia totaled her car so we danced this set online. During this dance, Julia received the clarity to close the studio indefinitely.

Sunday Dance at The Flowjo ~ 2021/06/28 – 90 minute dance wave

Music for Transition

Beautiful Music for Meditation or Transition  – Summer 2021 – One hour of music to calm the nerves and soothe the soul.

Being Nothing – Music for Ancestral Healing Work and Death Meditations

Meditative Journey Music
Two hours of music woven for ancestral healing work and death meditations in Heartward Sanctuary’s Wounded Healer Series.

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