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This funding initiative is dedicated to empowering the Free Gaza Circus, a beacon of hope and joy for children and families in Gaza. Founded by Mohammad Khader, the circus ventures into Rafah’s shelter centers within the Gaza Strip, delivering artistic performances that blend movement and music to mitigate fear and instill happiness. Mohammad Khader, reflecting on their mission, stated, “The Free Gaza Circus Team moves between shelters in Rafah, offering performances to alleviate fear and bring joy to the children’s hearts” (BBC News).

Since its inception in 2018, the Free Gaza Circus has been a sanctuary for thousands of children, offering shows and a studio space until the unfortunate displacement caused by the conflict in October 2023. Amidst the war, the circus has adapted by traveling to refugee camps and shelters, striving to alleviate the immense suffering through their art. “Our aim is to comfort the children from the harsh realities they face and spread hope and joy,” shares Mohammad Khader.

In recent times, the troupe has faced significant losses, including their homes, studio, and the tragic death of fellow artists. Despite these hardships, the circus persists, volunteering to perform for youth in dire conditions.

Rana Mansour, based in Georgia, U.S., serves as a vital link between the Free Gaza Circus and global support networks. Alongside Julia Hartsell, co-founder of Heartward Sanctuary, they are committed to supporting the circus’s mission. The current goal is to raise $3,000 to aid the artists in their endeavors, covering basic needs and travel expenses as they continue their invaluable work.

The contributions will directly support the Free Gaza Circus, excluding minimal credit card fees, ensuring that every donation makes a significant impact.

About Us:

Rana Mansour: A Georgian-based change manager, Rana leverages her professional skills and deep passion for aiding refugee children, drawn from her own experiences as a Palestinian refugee. Her work spans from supporting the Free Gaza Circus to engaging with Palestinian and Syrian refugee communities in Lebanon and Georgia.

Julia Hartsell: With extensive experience in hoop dancing and movement facilitation, Julia understands the profound effect of movement on healing and joy. Her work at Heartward Sanctuary and various international projects underscores her dedication to fostering community through dance and movement.

Heartward Sanctuary and Free Gaza Circus: For more information on our missions and to offer support, please visit our websites and follow us on social media. Your support, whether through donations or sharing our story, is invaluable in our quest to bring light and joy to the lives of those in Gaza.

Heartward Sanctuary’s February Newsletter featuring Free Gaza Circus Fund

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Your engagement and generosity can make a profound difference, supporting the Free Gaza Circus in its mission to heal and uplift through the power of artistic expression.

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