Gratitude to our Sustainers & Founding Members

In December of 2019, we began a transition from a transactional to a gift economy when 88 dancers pledged ongoing contributions to keep our former Carrboro studio (The Flowjo) and practice alive. Three years later, many of them have continued to support through a grueling pandemic and a bold move of our ritual center to a rural location.

If you value Heartward Sanctuary’s work, consider becoming a Sustainer or a Founding Member.

Sustainers make recurring monthly or yearly donations to support ongoing services, organizational overhead and land maintenance costs. You can become a Sustainer via our Givebutter Fundraiser by pledging as low as $5/month. Sustainers attend our Sunday dances and seasonal services for free/by donation.

Members are those deeply committed in the long-term project and also receive rights to be buried in the natural burial ground. Read more about becoming a Founding Member.

Endless thanks to our Sustainers and Founding Members–our beloved, generous, creative, soulful community who keep these projects and community services going!

Cathy Pascal, Rebecca & Robert Lawson, Susan Fowler, Coin Page, Carolyn McAllaster, John Bainbridge, Jane Stolper, Scott Campbell, Jim & Lauren Jubilerer, JJ Hurst, Tom Howlett, Natalie Shaw, Bob Proctor, Rachel Hadas, Shalom Gorewitz, Kristin Wade, Kathleen Hunter, Lee-Hye & Sundra Coleman, Adam Dipert, Kelly Stack, Kent Ford, KJ Song, Erin Murphy, Roger Hartsell, Bonnie MacDougall, Paula Childers, Toni Craige, Morgan Siem, Francesca Nicole, Gillian Corzine and Rachel Gray.

Thank you also to the Sustainers that supported the organization through the grueling pandemic until the time of The Flowjo’s permanent closure in July 2021.

The folks above, plus~~

Steve Bradley-Bull, Amy Wildwood, Jenn O’Brien, Chris Egle, Robin Poer, Molly Montgomery, Jeff Young, Marielle Hare, Rob & Janet DeWoskin, Rebecca Foster, Kai Baylis, Apollo & Amrita Grace, Diane Nelson, Aiya Williams, Erica Grace, Justis Peters, Lucy Rodriguez, Steven Lambeth, Susan Bost, Alice Boyle, Angie Santiago, Katie Serino, Neal Cadin, Thomas Jones, Eric Goldman, Debbie Hall, Nancy Trueblood, Bobbie Salang, Raj Ghoshal, Sela Majer, Mary Water, Stephanie Hallmark, Marcella Wagner & Sarah Hey.

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