Heartward Sanctuary is a North Carolina-based 508(c)1(a) non-profit founded in 2019 by Julia Hartsell and Jonathan Hadas Edwards.

We envision a sane, loving world where life and death are held sacred. In service of this vision, our mission is to make soul-level healing accessible. We do this through one-on-one healing sessions, classes and workshops, community ritual events, counsel through sacred transitions including end-of-life and, for members, natural burial.

Our values are humane and broadly animist; our approach to healing and ritual work is pragmatic and draws inspiration and techniques from several traditions, from our blood and lineage ancestors and from our lived experience.

Meet our co-founders Julia Hartsell and Jonathan Edwards.


The Sanctuary is located in rural Chatham County, NC, roughly 35 minutes from Chapel Hill and 45 minutes from Greensboro. The acreage includes a main sanctuary space, a parcel set aside for natural burial, outdoor event grounds, a shrine dedicated to water souls (those that don’t fully incarnate due to lost pregnancy), herbal apothecary and aromatics workshop, a soon-to-be-completed hermitage, and a centennial Quaker-built barn that will become our dedicated temple and meeting space.

​Some of our work is also accessible remotely, including workshops, some seasonal observances and one-on-one healing work.

We also occasionally take our sanctuary on the road, sharing our work in private or community spaces according to need. Examples have included weddings, education, ancestral dance rituals, land-based ritual and end-of-life transition support.

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