Life Transition Companion

~Tending the Seasons of Human Life~

 Human life is a dance of perpetual endings and beginnings, of sacred cycles. We cross many thresholds along the journey: passages into adolescence, adulthood, marriage, divorce, parenting, new careers, elderhood and death. By life cycle or crisis, we continually shed skin to stretch into new versions of ourselves. Each passage a symbolic death, ripe with grief and struggle. Each passage also its own birth, crossing into a mystery of unwritten potential.

As a Transition Companion or Midwife of Metamorphosis, Julia supports people in navigating these threshold experiences. Julia supports individuals, couples, families and communities connect with their own inner guidance and supportive, even if still unfamiliar, spirit allies to design rituals to consecrate these moments in life.

Whether you seek one-on-one support to slough off the old skin of a previous incarnation or a community ceremony to honor a recent or upcoming transition, Julia provides non-dogmatic, pragmatic, soulful and skillful ritual techniques to meet the needs of the moment.

Julia utilizes a variety of practices to help her clients gain insight, understanding and guidance through life’s tight passages. Integrating years of study with trained ritualists, somatic practitioners and her own dedicated practices and initiatory experiences, Julia is able to weave prayer, listening and visioning techniques, elemental ritual, grief tending, earth mandala-making, movement, music, divination, writing and ancestral reverence practices to heal and make meaning through metamorphosis.

Julia has:

  • designed and facilitated rituals and memorials to honor both literal and symbolic deaths
  • supported others in designing rituals and memorials to honor the death of their beloveds
  • created meaningful ritual and a shrine to honor abortions and miscarriages
  • supported women & womb-havers with loss of pregnancies by choice or circumstance
  • supported individuals and couples in honoring and ritualizing the end of relationships
  • blessed new relationships, marriages, homes and births
  • created coming of age ceremonies
  • supported folks through psychedelic integration
  • helped folks through addiction struggles with animist practices
  • guided individuals and groups in death meditations to prepare for end-of-life
  • facilitated ceremonies for the dying
  • supported people in a variety of spiritual crises
  • helped people clear unwanted energies from their homes, land and bodies
  • spent a decade tending a community and honoring a variety of transitions including honoring the losses during the pandemic
  • developed an earth-based liturgy that includes music, movement and elemental ritual to honor the seasons of the earth, human life and the relationships between
  • developed and facilitated movement based grief ceremonies

Depending upon your circumstances, one or a series of sessions may be most helpful.
For example, if planning a public memorial, wedding or end-of-life ceremonies, it’s best to plan for 2-3 sessions to prepare. You can also schedule a free introductory 20 minute call or reach out via email with a description of what you’re facing to see if we’re a fit for working together.

Sessions are available online or in-person in our open-air, covered space.

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