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Body Disposition: Part 1

Body Disposition: Part 1

By Julia Hartsell In death planning talk, body disposition refers to what people choose to do with their bodies after death. In recent years, I've had the fortune of talking to a lot of people about their disposition wishes. Sometimes (like 50% of the time)...

Relating with the Dead

Relating with the Dead

As Jaroslav Róna's sculpture above suggests, having the ancestors at our backs can be quite a weight to bear. Acknowledge them or not, they impact us nonetheless.   Whether this image represents burden or support, there's a gravitas here worthy of humility. The human...

Musical Journeys

Joy, grief, connection, transition – music helps us through all of life’s experiences. Enjoy this collection of sets from Heartward Sanctuary’s Julia Hartsell, available on Spotify.

Seeds from the World Tree

Writings by Heartward Sanctuary Co-founder Jonathan Edwards


Julia lends her voice to two episodes of “Walk Through Grief with Grace” podcast with Jenn Cormier. Hear her talk about grieving the loss of a business and sacred space as well as talk about inviting movement for healing, focus and connection.

Death Resources

Julia and Jonathan have collected a wealth of resources on death and grief. You can see their list of recommended books here.

Video Conversations

Exploring soul, incarnation, dying, ancestors, reproductive and death rights, grief, dance and healing

ANCESTORS, INCARNATION & REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: A conversation with Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine.

Dr. Daniel Foor is the author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing, founder of Ancestral Medicine and an internationally respected teacher of ancestor reverence and ritual. In addition to ancestral healing, his offerings center the personhood of the other-than-humans.

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