Shrine for Water Souls

Shrine for Water Souls

One of the few in the country, this shrine is consecrated and dedicated for those who don’t fully incarnate. Whether a pregnancy ends by circumstance or choice, this a place for remembrance and ritual for people of all gender identities, races, ethnicities and faiths to honor this passage.

Without names or rituals for this passage, our culture often forces womb-havers of all genders to experience this in private. This can lead to shame, unprocessed grief or lack of closure for parents and the one not fully incarnated. This shrine, near a seep spring at the edge of the Ancestral Grove at Heartward Sanctuary, is a place of remembrance and honor.

Ritualist and Heartward Sanctuary co-founder Julia Hartsell is available for ritual and emotional support for both in person and distanced sessions at any point during or after pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion process. ​

Having spontaneously lost and also consciously ended pregnancies, Julia is passionate about women and womb-havers having access to safe and legal abortions and sacred spaces to honor these passages. She is compassionate about the complexity of emotions that can arise in these passages and the diversity of circumstances folks face when making these decisions, especially in this culture.

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